"I waited the whole day for it to be over so I can come to Hebrew School!"
-Jason, 8, Leman Manhattan 

"Last year I had to force Rachel to go to Hebrew School. Every Tuesday was a battle. This year Rachel is thrilled to go and our Wednesdays are such a pleasure."
-Elaine, Mom, Leman Manhattan 

"We had to make a deal with Amy to try Hebrew School for 4 weeks since she did not want to attend. After the second class, she told me, 'Forget the deal dad, I love HS!'"
- Jack, Dad, Leman Manhattan 

"My Emma had such a difficult start this year to all her new schools and programs. Hebrew School is the only place she smiles at. She is so happy to be here. I cannot thank you enough."
Ornit, mom Peck Slip School
"I had so much fun on Rosh Hashanah playing with my Hebrew School friends at the kid's program"
Noa, 4, Peck Slip School

"I don't want to go to school anymore, only Hebrew School!" (on Thursday morning)
Mia, 5, Leman Manhattan 

"I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for making this happen. My daughter is learning and enjoying so much"
Diane, Mom, Peck Slip School

*To protect the identity of the children the names have been changed