Mazal Tov!

We are excited to make YOUR day OUR day! Together with our professional and loving staff we will ensure that your child’s special day and the entire preparation for it, will be smooth and enjoyable for everyone!

FiDi Hebrew School’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah division has been developed to assist our boys and girls, to transform their “coming of age” into an unforgettable journey in the most pleasant, spiritual, anxiety free and fun fashion. This special time is the maturation of a child into an adult.

Becoming a young adult is the most pivotal moment in your child's life. Instead of this occasion passing through as a time of only memorizing certain prayers, we focus on making the preparation fun, exciting and relatable to the B'nei Mitzvah. So, they will value the spirituality of their special event and use these lessons to help them navigate the journey of life.

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Our Process;

Individualized Plan:
The small individualized classes produce an incredible learning experience for the child and create a special bonding between the student, the lessons, the peers and the teacher. The child will reach his/her ultimate potential with the personalized curriculum and study plan.

Mitzvah Project:
Leading up to the Big Day, the students will choose a Mitzvah for their Mitzvah Project with their parents and teacher. Why a Mitzvah Project? The whole Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation revolves around the child as he/she readies to begin adulthood and the wonderful new chapter in his/her life. The learning, the growing, the thriving and of course the party! Specifically during this time, we make a point to focus on others, and do something kind in honor of the big day. Some ideas students have chosen revolves around their hobby’s, parents workfield, a mitzvah he/she connects with most, or a symbolic mitzvah related to the family/ancestors.

FiDi Hebrew School will prepare students entirely for the grand event. From the Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech all the way through the ceremony. All family members will be included and the child will feel like an honored guest on the big day.

Holistic Experience Beyond the Classroom: 
The student will have the opportunity to experience Judaism outside the classroom by volunteering, joining holiday celebrations and visiting various synagogues and other Jewish establishments, including a Sofer (scribe), Mikvah, Matzah bakery, Judaica store and Kosher shops.

Your family is encouraged to purchase a pair of tefillin or candlesticks for your child.

Additional Lessons:
Your child will learn in Hebrew school basic literary Hebrew and be prepared to recite the blessings for the Torah or Eishis Chayul (a woman of valor).

If your family decides, you may choose to learn privately with our Cantor to prepare a Torah portion and/or Haftorah to be read on Shabbat in Synagogue. 

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For more information and questions you may call us at 212-335-0613 or at [email protected]